Hi, I'm Simon, but you might know me as Proudfeet.

I’m a Magento Certified front-end developer located in Toronto, Ontario. I’m passionate about building a clean, beautiful, and easy-to-use interface for users.

Here's some work I've done

Conversation Starter app by Simon Proudfoot a.k.a. Proudfeet
  • React App using the Reddit REST API to query popular threadas from a specific Subreddit, including replies and upvotes
  • Technology used: React, React Router, Styled Components, REST APIs
Sanuk Canada
  • This is a client project building the store from front the ground up on the Shopify platform. Working with the client directly was very insightful with regard to how business rules are developed and how I can help bring those rules to life, and even make suggestions for features myself.
  • Technology used: Shopify API, Liquid, JavaScript, SCSS
FitJunkies app by Simon Proudfoot and Robyn Larsen
  • This is a web app built as a way of learning Ruby on Rails by tracking various workouts and fitness metrics. My focus was primarily on understanding and implementing the back-end technology, while a partner I was working with focused on creating the UI.
  • Technology used: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Heroku, Git